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Steel Buildings = Peace of Mind

Steel doesn’t rot or molder with time so the paint that is applied to the surface of metal paneling tends to last longer than it would on other materials and you don’t have to paint it as often. Because of this, steel building companies often offer finish warranties on their metal siding and roofing for 25 years or more.

If you’ve ever done any sort of exterior painting or staining on a wood surface I’m sure you’ll appreciate the vastness of 25 years in regards to the life of a coat of paint on a barn wall or a wooden deck etc. I know I stain my deck almost every other year and it still needs boards replaced every few years. That 25 year warranty is 25 years that you won’t have to spend the time or money arranging for someone to maintain the exterior finish of your building.

Our building manufacturer also offers weathertightness warranties on some types of roofing as well. This guarantees your building against leaks as well for 25 years or more. Buildings with a request for a weathertightness warranty go through a strict monitoring process throughout their construction and require that the erectors on the project have attended a special training. Those erectors are qualified at the training and have the necessary skills to make sure each detail of the roofing is done correctly so no leaks occur for the length of the warranty.

We, at Keystone Steel Structures, feel its important for our employees to have the expert knowledge they need to serve our customers to the best of their ability so we make sure a group of them has the opportunity to attend one of these training every year. We recognize that our employees are our best asset and expert workmanship in the field is what makes your building the best it can be.

With a combination of warrantied products from our manufacturer and qualified expert workmanship from our steel erection crews you can trust your peace of mind to a pre-engineered steel building by Keystone Steel Structures. Call us at 484-722-8274 to get a quote on your new pre-engineered steel building.

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