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Tight Spaces

As I'm sure you know by now Keystone Steel Structures is a pre-engineered steel building construction company. We specialize in services ranging from steel erection only projects to large general construction projects with multiple trades that span the length of a project from the first planning stages to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

It can be easy to imagine that pre-engineered means something cookie cutter or simple, like a piece of ikea furniture that you take out of the box and assemble at home. However, we're anything but glorified ikea furniture assemblers. The components of the buildings we construct are pre-made and shipped as a package from our metal building dealer in Tennessee, A&S Building Systems but each building is custom and unique, ordered and designed to suit the needs of each individual customer.

It can be quite amazing to see the projects that Keystone Steel Structures can tackle with a pre-engineered metal building. Our team members in the office are excellent at designing and ordering buildings that are a perfect fit for that odd space you need to slide a new addition or building into and the guys in the field are excellent at making sure the construction of those buildings goes as smoothly as possible.

In the past year I've seen our team members slide a new addition in a tight space between two buildings and under a system of piping that connected the two with only a foot or two to spare. I've also seen them erect an addition with walls that slope together in a kind of pie shape to stay just far enough away from sets of train tracks running on either side of where the new addition needed to go.

I'm just the office girl so that may not be as surprising to everyone but I have such fun seeing the varying projects our team members can tackle. Next time you have a building that has special needs or circumstances don't write off pre-engineered steel. You'd be amazed at what Keystone Steel Structures can do with the creative ingenuity we have available on our team.

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