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Iconic Restoration Project in Elizabethtown, PA

You may have heard in recent news that the old Star Barn in Middletown, Pa has been searching for a new purpose and seems to have found it in a change of location to Elizabethtown, Pa. If you're from the Lancaster County area chances are you know the Star Barn as a neat old landmark off of Route 283. The barn dates back to 1877 and has been a beautiful and interesting historical structure that has, in recent years, fallen into disuse.

Well in 2014 the Star Barn and the agricultural structures were acquired by DAS companies and David and Tierney Abel with the plan being to move the structures to a new location in Elizabethtown, Pa and give them a new purpose as a center for weddings, events, and horseback riding. All of the buildings are being preserved in as near their same spatial proximity to one another that they have resided in these past 100+ years in their old location. We've been impressed as we watch the reconstruction of the project and the dedication the restoration group has to preserving the original layout of the complex in it's new location.

Excitingly, Keystone Steel Structures has the pleasure of being able to help with the project by providing a steel base for the old barn to sit on, making it more structurally sound for the future. We feel honored to be a part of the process and are looking forward to beginning some of our work on it this spring.

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