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Why Insulated Metal Panels?

If you're looking for a nice looking and energy efficient addition to your next metal building project insulated metal panels are the way to go. Insulated metal panels offer superior insulation properties in both roofing and siding applications, are the best solution for climate-controlled buildings or those with hygiene concerns, and have long spanning capabilities. They can also be used for more technical design applications and can be installed horizontally, vertically, or on a curve, coming in a variety of colors and profiles from ribbed to completely flat.

They are often simpler and faster to install than other siding/insulation materials saving on labor time as well. However with longer lengths they can be cumbersome and heavy to install with manpower alone. With the suction cup metal panel lifter Keystone Steel Structures has the ability to install longer lengths of insulated metal panels quickly and easily cutting down on labor time and cost to the customer. Check out the video below to see our suction cup panel lifter in action. It keeps our guys safe while working with the additional weight in the panels and keeps the install moving along quickly.

Give us a call today for a free quote on your next metal building project.


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