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Steel Buildings Are More Durable Than Wood

Keystone Steel Structures is based in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania. We don’t live in an area that is usually plagued by extreme weather or earthquakes so sometimes the advantages of having a stronger, more durable building can be overlooked.

However, it seems like every couple of years we see that one tornado that takes down a couple businesses and/or farm buildings or an unusually heavy snow fall that spells disaster for someone’s roof. The chaos and headache that follows an event like that can be catastrophic for your bottom line. You can buy as much insurance as you like but at the end of the day the insurance company isn’t going to help you find that phone number you left on a slip of paper that’s now blowing around a field or roadside somewhere. Having a building that can withstand harsh weather is a huge advantage.

One hazard that affects every geographic location is fire. In many cases steel buildings withstand the effects of fire much better than wood buildings do. Unless your building is stacked full of flammable or combustible materials like paint cans there’s a good chance that in the event of a fire your steel building will be still be standing by the time the fire department gets the fire put out. You will certainly have some cleanup and probably reinsulating to do but the overall damage may be minimal. Steel buildings are also much less likely to catch fire so if your business involves throwing sparks or a greater fire risk steel buildings are a huge benefit. This fact can make the cost of insuring your building lower and make it possible to get your business back up and running quickly if a fire does happen.

Steel also withstands the marching of time better than wood buildings can. Wood buildings are mostly organic material and so they are prone to rot, mold, and bugs. With time, panels on wood buildings tend to sag as the beams succumb to gravity and nails pop out of place. All that adds up to more maintenance cost down the road for you and a more unsightly building as time passes if you don’t keep up with it. Steel buildings go up and for the most part all the pieces stay where you put them for longer. This results in a better-looking building long term with less ongoing out-of-pocket cost for you and a potentially larger asking price should you decide to sell the property down the road.

When you consider the effects of weather, fire, and time the durability of a steel building means money in the bank and more peace of mind for the owner of the structure down the road. Call Keystone Steel Structures at 484-722-8274 to get a quote on your new pre-engineered steel building.

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