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Sicom Systems

Sicom Systems Metal Building
Sicom Systems Metal Building
Sicom Systems Metal Building
Sicom Systems Metal Building
Sicom Systems Metal Building
Sicom Systems Metal Building

Project Year: 2012

Building Size:

Building Type: Commercial/Industrial

Service Provided: General Construction

Location: 4140 Skyron Drive,

                   Doylestown, PA 18902






Case Study

Success is turning the vision of the property owner into reality. Necessary for success are quality workmanship, accurate architectural drawings, flexibility to make changes as the project matures, and most importantly, a close relationship with the needs of the property owner.


As a result of Keystone Steel Structures’ great relationship with A&S, the Sicom Systems’ lead was passed on to Keystone.


The customer had two main concerns from the beginning: security and solar energy. The building was originally designed to incorporate solar strips glued onto the roof, but after some consideration, solar panels were chosen. Due to this change, the roof design also needed to be altered, and other roof panels and snow guards were put in place. Due to the nature of the security system, Keystone Steel Structures was asked to provide custom exterior doors compatible with the system.


Keystone Steel Structures was chosen to be the general contractor; however, the property owner had connections with other professionals with whom he contracted directly for electrical, plumbing, sprinkler system, solar energy, and security. Even though Keystone did not directly contract these professionals, Keystone provided coordination throughout the project.


Sicom's building was designed initially by another architect, but after the building was 50% complete, Keystone Steel Structures was asked to take over the design role. Construction drawings were updated due to project changes and local building codes. Originally the building was designed with steel studs, but the property owner decided to use wooden studs instead. Walls and ceilings were built and rebuilt to accommodate Sicom's needs. Exterior walls were previously specified as stucco walls with split face block on the bottom, but before completion, the property owner chose brick.


In the end, the property owner's vision was fulfilled. Once again, communication, quality workmanship, flexibility, and the pursuit of a vision created a powerful success story.

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