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Donovan Transport

Donovan Transport Metal Building
Donovan Transport Metal Building
Donovan Transport Metal Building
Donovan Transport Metal Building
Donovan Transport Metal Building
Donovan Transport Metal Building

Project Year: 2014

Building Size: Over 4,800 sq/ft

Building Type: Commercial/Industrial

Service Provided: General Construction

Location: 3756 Newport Rd,

                   Gordonville, PA 17529






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Case Study

Every project is unique.


The Donovan Transport existing structure was an 18-year-old wood pole building. Renovations and expansion were needed to the interior as well as a new roof and siding.


A shewed endwall design needed to match up with the existing building endwall. Calculating potential snow load on the finished structure as well as the minimum height requirements due to large trucks being serviced inside caused this to become quite a challenge. With the help of a design professional and the property owner, a suitable design was achieved.


Keystone Steel Structure's staff were extremely patient, courteous, and professional as the design of the new facility progressed. The owner asked for numerous changes and modifications throughout the project. The crew met these requests head-on and with success, doing their best to stay on schedule.


The interior was originally designed with a metal liner panel throughout and R-19 insulation in the ceiling and walls. After some thought, an R-30 fabric liner system was suggested for higher insulation value and noise absorption. Keystone was able to provide this at no additional cost.


New offices were needed as well as a display room for the owners personal hobbies. The owner requested an "old barn" look which was accomplished with wood siding and trim.


This job had a schedule to meet and with the persistence of the site supervisor as well as good communication with the owner, the project flowed smoothly and finished on schedule. A few minor issues came up after completion which Keystone quickly addressed to the satisfaction of a very happy customer.

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